Societal impact

Human-made substances contaminate soil and groundwater, thereby threatening delicate ecosystems and endangering human health. There is a huge need and demand for cheaper and more sustainable remediation of contaminated sites in Europe, which MIBIREM will answer. Thanks to its innovative toolbox, MIBIREM will build a strong case for authorities to systematically check for bioremediation potential on future remediation projects in Europe.

As bioremediation becomes widespread, it will reap multiple societal benefits: it will not only make investments in remediation more cost-efficient, as bioremediation can be cheaper than conventional remediation, but also foster climate action by reducing CO2 emissions.

The competitive cost advantage of bioremediation vis-à-vis conventional remediation will also benefit economies of scale, as more contaminated sites can be cleaned up with the same amount of money. This in turn will increase the value of soil and groundwater as natural capital, while preserving biodiversity. MIBIREM will thereby also contribute to ensuring healthier soils in Europe, in line with the EU mission on soil health and food.