Scientific impact

MIBIREM will define a way how to best analyse and valorise microbiomes – the MIBIREM approach: how to combine tools and methodology in the research and analysis of microbiomes, from which also future knowledge-creation will profit. More specifically, as a project strongly grounded in open data and open science, MIBIREM microbiome analysis will generate many types of open data, including 300 annotated genomic sequences & metadata. This data will be translated into new knowledge e.g. on functions like pollutant-degradation pathways, relation between ecosystems and bacterial diversity and factors limiting bioremediation.

Through its approach, MIBIREM will provide the knowledge-basis for a wide range of microbiome-based applications in biotechnology. Its knowledge, resources and tools, in particular from the MIBIREM toolbox, will also foster a paradigm shift from single strains to microbiomes. By transferring most results freely and open-access from the very specialized scientific community of bioremediation to the much wider biotech sector, the potential of microbiomes for science and industry will be further increased significantly.

Additionally, the MIBIREM approach for microbiome knowledge generation will be used by other research groups outside of the project, especially in related scientific areas (e.g. biology, biotechnology, environmental sciences) that will become aware of the high potential of microbiomes for bioremediation. Ultimately, the project’s new generated knowledge and scientific discovery will be be shared and promoted in conferences and publications, culminating in more than 100 citations.