MIBIREM at the Circular Economy Summit 2024: Pioneering Bioremediation for a Sustainable Future

The Circular Economy Summit convened on May 28, 2024, at the eco-friendly Expedithalle in Vienna. This event brought together the circular economy community, featuring 33 high-profile speakers and attracting over 350 participants from business, politics, administration, and civil society across 10 different countries. Impeccably organized by the Circular Economy Forum Austria, the summit featured lively debates, engaging discussions, and a practical demonstration of the circular economy through an expo room showcasing various stakeholders.

Hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology, the summit highlighted the importance of circular economy practices in Austrian society. The event was inaugurated by the Minister for Climate Action herself, who discussed concrete measures and actions to promote a circular economy. This gathering not only showcased innovative ideas but also emphasized the crucial role of sustainability in shaping our future.

(c)RTDS: Circular Economy Summit in Vienna on 28 May 2024

MIBIREM and Circularity in Bioremediation

Circular economy principles are also central to our project. As an Austrian-led initiative, MIBIREM was among participants at the Circular Economy Summit represented by the Austrian project and communication coordinator, RTDS Group. Specializing in developing a microbiome-based toolbox for the soil remediation of contaminated sites, we are confident about the potential of our MIBIREM toolbox that aims to improve the business case for microbiome-based bioremediation.

(C): RTDS Team at the Circular Economy Summit in Vienna

MIBIREM seeks not only to start microbiome-based bioremediation but also to encourage the broader use of microbiomes in biotechnology, supporting the circular economy. By adapting our TOOLBOX for various applications, MIBIREM could enhance the use of microbiomes in biotechnology. Aligned with the European Green Deal, our project adheres to the Circular Economy Action Plan. We are facilitating a paradigm shift from single strains to microbiomes, which hold immense potential as natural, renewable resources in biotechnology.

(C): MIBIREM at the Cicular Economy Summit reperesented by RTDS 

Data is Key: Insights from the Circular Economy Summit 2024

Thanks to the vibrant circular community in Austria and the engaging Circular Economy Summit, our project gained meaningful insights into circular activities and stayed up-to-date with the latest trends in the circular economy. The event featured four insightful panels discussing EU policies, the role of data and finances, and the art of cross-border collaboration.

One of the highlights was the panel titled “Data is Key,” which included Agnieszka Sznyk from INNOWO, our bioremediation cluster partner in the Nymphe project. The panel underscored the often-overlooked importance of data in measuring the state of circularity. As Ms. Sznyk emphasized, data management is essential for circularity. To achieve or measure circularity, one must start with data—be it materials, energy, resources, waste products or something else.  There is already a vast amount of data available, and the challenge lies in using and structuring it effectively.

(C)RTDS: Circular Economy Summit panel:”Data is key”

Measuring the impact of circular activities, particularly in terms of refuse, rethink, and reduce, remains challenging. However, the discussions reaffirmed the value of all circular activities in driving the systemic change necessary for a circular economy in Austria, Europe, and globally. We left the summit reassured that these efforts are crucial for advancing a sustainable future.


Author: Ana Babić,

RTDS Communication and Project Manager

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