Expected results

Throughout its lifetime, the MIBIREM project is expected to deliver the following key results:

  • The MIBIREM toolbox as the key result of the project.  The MIBIREM toolbox combines and aligns existing and new tools, from sampling to piloting, in a complete service package for microbiome bioremediation, which notably includes:
    • Handbook for standardised sampling;
    • Improved and innovative methods for the isolation, cultivation, evolution & enrichment of microbiomes;
    • A modelling prediction tool to understand if bioremediation is feasible at a specific site, and how to perform it, based on the use-case PHC;
    • 3 pilot tests demonstrating the power of the MIBIREM toolbox in producing safe, upscaled, affordable and effective bioremediation microbiomes;
  • Modified microbiomes for bioremediation;
  • Public deposit of 300 sequenced, documented bioremediation strains, as well as a public deposit of several bioremediation microbiomes with high degradation capacity;
  • New standards for a quality-controlled deposit, preservation and distribution of bioremediation consortia;
  • Novel soil bac-traps to capture pollutant-degrading bacteria;
  • Policy recommendations to stimulate the uptake of bioremediation in the EU;