Economic impact

The innovations brought forth by MIBIREM, especially the MIBIREM toolbox, will transform the business case for microbiome-based bioremediation. It will take an endeavour deemed previously as unattractive, uncertain and unfeasible to its competitive edge. MIBIREM’s contribution has the potential to not only kick-start microbiome-based bioremediation, but more generally the use of microbiomes in biotechnology for advancing the circular economy.

By systematically combining state-of-the-art tools with new tools necessary for microbiomes, MIBIREM will establish microbiome-based bioremediation as a real economic alternative in the remediation industry. The innovative MIBIREM toolbox will act as a game-changer for the environmental application of microbiomes in bioremediation, thereby boosting European industrial sustainability, competitiveness and resource independence.

Ultimately, MIBIREM’s contribution will lead to bioremediation becoming widespread, thereby fostering green growth, while improving the environment at the same time. The MIBIREM toolbox will also enable remediation in sites where it was previously not possible, which will contribute to revitalize industrial areas across Europe.