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Nature-based: new opportunities in soil remediation

Development of and experience with nature-based solutions – Nature-based: new opportunities in soil remediation A summary of the original article in the Dutch paper ‘Bodem’ (nr. 1, February 2024). Nature-based solutions (NBS) are a crucial element in making soil and groundwater remediation more sustainable. Considering the approximately 300,000 seriously contaminated sites yet to be remediated in […]

Advancements in lab work thanks to new robot for soil DNA analysis

Healthy ecosystems are vital for biomass, food supply, diverse nature, water management, and human well-being. The EU and Flanders target healthy soils and water bodies, while the Air Policy Plan 2030 aims to cut air pollution’s health impact by 2030. Despite agricultural climate efforts, more research is needed, and rules are enforced for environmental impact […]

European Culture Collections’ Organisation ECCO- platform for bioremediation

Culture collections play a vital role in the conservation and sustainable use of microbial resources. They offer a range of services including the supply of quality-controlled biological material for research, teaching and valorisation in the form of reference strains. ECCO, the European Culture Collections’ organisation, organizes annual meetings since the 1980’s. These annual meetings have […]

Soil Mission Week: Connecting People to Soil Health

The European Mission Soil Week Conference, organized by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI), under the Horizon Europe Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ (Mission Soil), unfolded from November 21 to 23, 2023. Hosted by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC-INIA) in Madrid during the Spanish Presidency of the EU […]

Testimonial from the Bioremediation Symposium Battelle in the US

The 2023 Bioremediation Symposium, organized by Battelle and held in Austin on May 8-11th, was an outstanding event for bioremediators! The technical details of the presentations were exceptional, as was the level of expertise of the people present. Within this framework, presenting the MIBIREM project was an honor and I have to say that we […]

Bioremediation best practice sharing at the first cluster workshop

The first EU Bioremediation Projects Cluster Workshop was successfully convened on 28 June 2023 as a satellite event of the BioRemid2023 Conference. This workshop was organized by 7 ongoing and recently completed EU-funded projects working on bioremediation with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences about innovative bioremediation techniques for cleaning up the environment in […]

BioRemid2023 – EU Bioremediation Projects Cluster Workshop

MIBIREM is among the co-organisers of the EU Bioremediation Projects Cluster Workshop that will take place alongside the GREENER Project H2020 conference as a satellite event of the BioRemid2023 on 28 June in FHNW Campus Muttenz, in Switzerland. This workshop is organized by 7 ongoing and recently ended projects working on bioremediation: SYMBIOREM, MIBIREM, BIOSYSMO, […]

HCH contaminated soils and nature-based solutions for site cleaning

HCH or hexachlorocyclohexane is a toxic substance found in approximately 300 production or processing sites, waste deposits and landfills, storage facilities and treatment centres in 22 EU countries. A large number of these sites still need to be remediated. Several current EU funded innovation projects within the framework of HORIZON Europe, LIFE and INTERREG are […]